Kat is the best swim teacher we have ever had. Truly amazing, fun and engaging. Never have my twins been more captivated by an instructor


My family and I have come back from our Florida vacation about three weeks, and I really want to express how much appreciated that we have for all our amazing pleasant experience from all the staff at Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne, FL. Especially I want to thank my four-year-old son’s private swimming instructor Katiuska Aguilera, recommended by Ritz-Carlton.
To hire her as my son’s first swimming instructor at Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayn, FL, is the best decision that I have ever made! She is amazing – kind and patient, professional and always on time on each class daily. I tried several times to teach my son swim but failed. Once Ms. Kat showed up and it was just like magic - he put his face in the water, reaching toys from the bottom of the pool.... He loves swimming rather than scared water! Since my son had a week swimming classes from Ms. Kat, he was estimated to be three levels higher than the other kids who have learned swimming for three months at the current swimming group that I have registered for him. Wish Kat lived closer to us so we could have her every day to improve my son’s swimming skills.
Many words are not enough for the appreciation. I definitely strongly recommend Ms. Katiuska Aguilera to all the parents and kids who want to learn swimming. Wish her and her family the best.

Thank you,

Mrs. Bridges

I have a daughter of almost 6 years old who was terrified of swimming.we tried everything since she was 2 years old but nothing helped.i hired a teacher 2 years ago but all the money i spent then didn't help: she would't swim and w orse she was terrorized by the pool or the sea. I was very worried. I had to let go a while untill i found Katiuska randomly on the internet.I called her, explained the situation. She came,after a set of 10 lessons my daughter was swimming, enjoying the water.katiuska is not only an amazing swimming teacher but she is an excellent human being that knows how to be around kids..
I am really greatful that God put her on our way!
Thank you


Thanks for your patience in teaching me to swim
Lots of Love


Miss Kat
Thanks for helping me learn to swim this summer. I am much more comfortable in the water and can even put my head under now!
Thank you


Dear Kat
We heard your name so often and saw with amazement what you did in days that Eliana could float and enjoy learning to float and put head under water. You must be a fantastic teacher and we are so thankful.

The Herzogs

I had such a great time swimming with you this summer!
Thanks so much for keeping me safe!!


" I was quite a challenge for Kat as although I may be a reasonably fit young 40-something I am a novice at swimming for reasons that date back to a childhood pool accident. So patience and care was needed and I got it. We went over a number of different swimming styles and methods for feeling more comfortable in the water - it's all about breathing! Lungs are basically bags full of air that stop you sinking ... Kat was very easy going, friendly and professional and I'm happy to recommend her"


Ms. Kat
Thank you for a wonderful summer and teaching me how to swim! I had an awesome summer thanks to you! I specially love the “rockets”
Thanks again



Kat, Thanks for teaching me how to swim. You were a patient, yet strong teacher. I had a lot of fun in our lessons. Swimming is a lifelong skill- Thanks for showing me how! Love,



You were amazing, Kat! We all stood in awe of you and decided you're tops on all our lists. Thanks for making swimming such a positive experience for Stewart...
Thanks again,


Dear Kat Thank you for a great summer of swimming. You made Jake & Abby's time in the pool so relaxing and fun. We'll probably see you again in the Spring. All our love,