Private, Semi-private & group swim classes in the comfort of your own pool, own schedule, own pace!

My Parents and me
Parents and children (ages 6 months up to 3 years) learn together to increase a child's comfort level in the water and build a foundation of basic skills, such as arm and leg movements and breath control.

Featuring six levels of instruction to help swimmers of all ages and abilities develop their skills.

Level 1 - Introduction to Water Skills: reinforces water adjustment through songs, toys, games and very easy exercises while confidence is being built. At the end of this phase they should be able to hold their breath under water, float with assistance and move through the water in short distances.

Level 2 - Foundation of aquatic skills: reinforces flotation and develops different ways to move through the water, with and without assistance, creating the base to freestyle and backstroke. They are introduced to under water swimming to retrieve objects. At the end of this level participants also will be able to jump and dive from the side with assistance and survival skills like reaching the wall and getting out of the side of the pool.

Level 3 - Stroke development: it reinforces freestyle and backstroke arm movements, as well as different positions of diving. They are introduced to frog and dolphin kick. By the end of this level they will be able to swim freestyle and backstroke and to retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool by themselves.

Level 4 - Stroke improvement: participants build their freestyle and backstroke techniques. Participants are introduced to breaststroke, butterfly strokes, front and side turns, as well as the ╩basics of treading water.

Level 5 - Stroke Refinement: This is a more advanced phase. Techniques are refined in all strokes, including turns, starts, and speed development. By the end of this level participants will be ready for competitive swimming training.

Level 6 - Swimming and Skill Proficiency:at this level participants are prepared for competition placing great emphasis on the use of drills and interval training. At this point participants gain more speed without overlooking technique. At the end of this level they will have achieved the basis of a lifetime activity, to keep in shape, get muscular toning and, strengthen their muscles.

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Swim for fitness purposes
If you would like to keep in shape, be active, improve your technique or loose weight through a fantastic sport without worrying about your joints, etc, personally design workouts plans are available, even for tri-athletes, master swimmers or lap swimmers who want to benefits from better techniques and aerobic conditioning.

Pool Parties & Lifeguard services
You pick the day and the place and we take care of the rest!. While you and your kids are having fun, highly trained lifeguards and entertainers are right there, to ensure your kids have more than fun. Water slide, games, air castle, are just among the many options you have for your pool party. Call us for further information.


American Red Cross Certified Swimming Instructor